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Anti Smap Pack CAPTCHA and Honeypot
  • Anti Smap Pack CAPTCHA and Honeypot

Anti Smap Pack CAPTCHA and Honeypot


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Effectively protect your Prestashop website from unwanted spam with our ultimate spam protection package. This innovative bundle combines the strengths of the Honeypot module and the CAPTCHA module to provide a robust defence against spam. Easy to use, seamless integration - ideal for login, account creation, contact forms, password recovery and newsletter sign-ups. Secure your website now!

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Official Prestashop module developer

Official Prestashop module developer

1 year free support and updates

1 year free support and updates

Prestashop partner since 2009

Prestashop partner since 2009

In today's digital world, protection against spam is essential. Our comprehensive spam protection package for Prestashop offers the perfect solution. By combining honeypot and CAPTCHA technologies, we offer double protection that integrates seamlessly into your Prestashop system.

The Honeypot module works invisibly in the background, luring spam bots into a trap, while the CAPTCHA module differentiates human users from automated systems by presenting them with simple, user-friendly challenges. This package is ideal for websites that require high security without compromising usability. It is perfect for various forms such as logins, account creation, contact forms, password recovery pages and newsletter sign-ups.

With simple installation and configuration options, our spam protection package is an essential addition to any Prestashop website that prioritises security and usability.

Benefits for customers

  • Improved security: Protection against spam and automated form filling attacks.
  • Ease of use: Simple and intuitive CAPTCHA challenges that are non-intrusive.
  • Trusted interaction: Security when filling out forms such as registration, account creation and contact forms.
  • Data protection: Reliable protection of personal data against misuse by spam bots.
  • Faster processes: Fewer disruptions and delays due to spam, resulting in a faster and more pleasant website experience.

Advantages for merchants:

  • Comprehensive protection: effective spam defence at various points such as contact form, registration, account creation, password recovery and newsletter subscription.
  • Easy integration: Easy integration into existing Prestashop forms.
  • Reduced maintenance: Automated spam defence reduces the need for manual checking and maintenance.
  • Improved user experience: Protect customers without compromising the user experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Data protection compliance: Supporting compliance with data protection standards by preventing spam bots from accessing user data.

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