Unit Price Prestashop Module
  • Unit Price Prestashop Module
  • Unit Price Prestashop Module
  • Unit Price Prestashop Module
  • Unit Price Prestashop Module
  • Unit Price Prestashop Module
  • Unit Price Prestashop Module
  • Unit Price Prestashop Module

Unit Price Prestashop Module

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Our module for Prestashop offers the possibility to automatically calculate the base price of your products and output it at all relevant places in your online store. This includes not only the product page, but also the product list as well as the shopping cart.


Official Prestashop module developer

Official Prestashop module developer

1 year free support and updates

1 year free support and updates

Prestashop partner since 2009

Prestashop partner since 2009

Advantages for Merchant

Calculate the base price for the product and all its attributes based on the product quantity (parts).

Advantages for customers 

See the basic price of the product at any time and in any required place.

The module makes it much easier to calculate the base price, especially for products with variants. Instead of having to calculate the base price net manually, you just enter the unit of the product or variant and the price per unit will be calculated automatically.

By using our module, you can ensure that all your products comply with legal requirements and that your customers have all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Thus, our module meets the requirements of the European Directive 98/6/EC. The European Directive 98/6/EC requires the clear and unambiguous indication of the selling price and the price per unit of measurement in order to improve consumer information and enable price comparisons.

What is the basic price?

The term "basic price" refers to the price of a good per unit of measure, including all taxes. The base price is used to better compare the prices of different products in different package sizes and fill quantities.

The units of measure for the base price are as follows:

  • 1 kilogram
  • 1 liter
  • 1 cubic meter
  • 1 meter
  • 1 square meter

For which articles must the basic price be indicated?

Retailers are obliged to indicate the basic price, with a few exceptions, if goods are offered in prepackages, open packages or as sales units without wrapping by weight, volume or area.

Where must the base price appear in the online store?

It is important that the basic price is clearly recognizable and legible in order to enable consumers to effectively compare the prices of different products.

Is there also a basic price per item?

Yes, there is also a basic price per unit, although this is not mandatory. However, for certain types of products, this information can be very useful for customers, such as detergents, where the price per wash load is indicated, or nutritional supplements, where the price per capsule is indicated.

In B2B online stores that sell larger units of the product, the price per piece or pack is also very important, as it allows customers to compare the total price more effectively.

What makes this module different from Prestashop native base price?

  1. A simplified input. You don't have to laboriously calculate the basic price, just enter the unit (e.g. 0.5kg, 2l or 2.65m²). This is particularly helpful for items with variants in different units, because the net difference to the base price is calculated for the variants by default, which is very time-consuming. Here, too, you only have to enter the units with our module (e.g. for the bottles in different sizes 0.33, 0.5 or 1L)
  2. The native basic price value is output on the product page and in the checkout, but is missing in the product list and in the Ajax shopping cart. Our module completes the output so that the price appears in all relevant places.

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