Design Pack One AdvancedCMS + Formmaker + Gallerique Prestashop Module

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AdvancedCMS + Formmaker + Gallerique enable you to build a well-structured CMS page using the Bootstrap technology that is part of PrestaShop and it enhances the content blocks with category and product sliders, videos and forms. The module basically brings the full range of Content Management System functions into the process of constructing the content. Thanks to the fully integrated drag-and-drop function, individual blocks can be easily moved from one position to another.



Official Prestashop module developer


1 year free support and updates


Prestashop partner since 2009



  • Create responsive rows and columns according to bootstrap rules
  • Duplicate records
  • Import/Export of the records structure in case you want to restore your records after upgrading or moving to another installation
  • Meta data possible
  • Move items and rows by Drag ‘n Drop
  • Page name and friendly URL syntax by the rule
  • Instant CSS input for every record for every language
  •  CSS Classes and IDs for additional control with external CSS files
  • Support of shortcuts in all textual areas: shortcuts to many targets return complete paths to products, CMS pages, categories etc.
    • {cms:%id%}
    • {product:%id%}
    • {category:%id%}
    • {supplier:%id%}
    • {manufacturer:%id%}
    • {siteroot}
    • {theme}
    • {theme_img}
    • {modules}
  • Content element Text: plain Text input without formatting
  • Content element HTML Block: formatted Text and embedded elements like gMaps, youtube etc. with TinyMCE editor
  • Content Element Image: custom images with link
  • Content Element Product Slider:
    • one or more products in a slider
    • different products per language available
    • product image sizes selectable
    • optional: display product price
    • optional: display product description
    • optional: display add to cart button
  • Content Element Category Slider:
    • one or more categories in a slider
    • different categories per language available
    • category image sizes selectable
  • Content Element Manufacturer Slider:
    • one or more manufacturers in a slider
    • different manufacturers per language available
  • Content Element Form (this need the module Form Maker to be installed)
    • Integration of forms built with the module Form Maker into a bootstrap responsive layout
  • Content Element Gallery (this need the module Gallerique to be installed)
    • Integration of galleries built with the module Gallerique into a bootstrap responsive layout


  • stand-alone page, Page title and friendly URL
  • Metadate
  • Description to be displayedtext above and beyond the form
  • optional: redirect to a custom thank you-page
  • optional: autoresponse
  • optional: mark fields as mandatory
  • optional: fields description
  • optional: assign (bootstrap) classes to fields to achieve a column layout
  • optional: assign custom CSS classes to fields to externaly control them with an integrated CSS or JS file
  • Move elements along with drag and drop
  • Shortcut [displayForm id = yourid] displays the form in all textual areas of the shop: product description, categories, CMS, footer etc.


  • unlimited Galleries creation
  • stand-alone page, page title and friendly URL
  • Description field to be displayed above the gallery
  • Custom image dimensions for thumbnails and large images for every gallery
  • Custom image size calculation for every gallery
    • automatic
    • exact
    • crop
    • fixed width
    • fixed height
  • Single image upload with image description and link
  • Multiple upload
  • Shortcut  [displayGallery id = yourid] displays the gallery in all textual areas of the shop: product description, categories, CMS, footer etc.

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