Advanced Product Customizer Prestashop Module

With the Vector Configurator you can configure a PrestaShop product with vector-based applications like engravings, embroideries, label production, etc. and configure them user-defined. The merchant can create and manage fonts and vector elements so the customer can lay them over the product image and layout his live preview of the product. Than the SVG are generated and can be prepared directly and non-lossy for production or converted into any other vector format.

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Official Prestashop module developer

Official Prestashop module developer

1 year free support and updates

1 year free support and updates

Prestashop partner since 2009

Prestashop partner since 2009


  • Font Management: all fonts can be uploaded in one place and can be activated separately for each product and can be activated separately for each product
  • One of existing product images can be selectd as a background image for vector layout (e.g. t-shirt in image demension “large”)
  • Several Layout sections: you can define a number of layout sections for every product. Customer only can arrange vector objects within these sections. 
  • optional: activate several fonts and vectors for each product
  • optional: activate color selection for icons and fonts
  • Layout for restriction sections
  • After the purchase: download the preview and pure vector data
  • Multishop support: the same product can be configured differently for different shops

Benefits for customers

  • Flexible design options
    • scale
    • rotate
    • colorize
    • move
  • unlimited number of objects
  • Data Overview in the tab "my vectors” in your customer account: download the preview


Supported Font formats

  • TTF
  • OTF
  • PFB
  • PostScript
  • Cufon (to generate a font follow the instructions in the admin area)

Supported vector formats

  • SVG

Fields of Applpication

  • Engravings of all kinds (lighters, rings)
  • Various work areas in advertising technology (film plot)
  • textile printing
  • Embroidery: logos,letters etc. can be nourished on textile articles
  • label production

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