Cart Loader – Preselected Carts for Product Collections
  • Cart Loader – Preselected Carts for Product Collections

Cart Loader – Preselected Carts for Product Collections

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The module creates lists of preselected products which can be added to the cart with one click. Beneficial for many online shops, this feature supports consumers in their decision-making encouraging them to buy several products at once.


What is the difference to the native function product pack?

According to PrestaShop's logics, a product pack is a product itself. It makes the function quite unflexible, if merchants want to alter some features of the preselected list. For instance, its unpossible to determine the quantity of each item, to choose a combination or to uncheck some of the given products. All this features are available with CartLoader. All preloaded carts are understood as suggestions. Merchants are not forced to take the pack "as it is". They can uncheck some items, choose a quantity or select attributes.

Examples of use

  • Fashion Collections - a complete look with some items, where people only need to choose their size and color
  • A prepared menu - merchants only need to choose quantities of each plate, if they want to 
  • A hamper - gift ideas for a celebration
  • Construction kit, equipment parts e.g. for installation or home improvement
  • ...


  • CartLoader encourages byuing a complete products selection
  • CartLoader helps merchants to find the right products among a big choise
  • CartLoader presents product selection in an atractive way with a header image and a title, even if they don't belong to the same category
  • CartLoader allows leading visual campagns with banners or or AdWords with a deeplink to a CartLoader ID

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