Darique - gift products in your cart

Increase the conversions in your store!
With this module, you can define free products that will automatically be added to the client's order.

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Delivery: 24 hours after purchase

€ 49,00 tax excl. excl. shipping

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Kompatibilität 1.5.x
Kompatibilität 1.6.x
Kompatibilität 1.4.x
Kompatibilität 1.7.x

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After the module is installed a new hidden category is added in your store. You can add products from other categories, or define new presents specially for this one.
Further, you can define the price ranges for your gifts and use the option for multiple presents. Than, multiple presents can be added to your cart, depending on the order value.
Gifts are a part of the order and can be viewed in the order history.


  • gift limitation for price range (get a free gift if you order for over xy euro)
  • gift limitation by categories (get a free gift if you order from category xy)
  • gift limitation for manufacturers (get a free gift for all products by manufacture xy)
  • Multiple presents customer is allowed to choose from
  • Multiple present groups, depending on customer's cart price
  • Two present types - usual presents and presents that customer is allowed to choose from
  • Roadmap for the next gift level