Shariff Social Sharing Modul: Social-Media-Buttons mit Datenschutz

Shariff allows you to connect your site with various social media platforms, without compromising the privacy of your customers. This module replaces the existing social media buttons on your site through secure social media buttons. Shariff offers legal security in the field of social media buttons and your customers the protection of their privacy.

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The usual social media buttons transmit already visiting the site without asking the user's data on social network and engage with it unasked in the privacy of the user a. It is not even necessary that the user is registered with the appropriate social networks.

Shariff replace these social media buttons through a safe option. Your customers still have the option to share products on the desired social networks. However, this contact is now only after clicking on the proper social media button into existence.

Shariff prevents your customers leave on each page visited a digital track and improve data protection.
The implementation of social media buttons can lead to legal problems: a precedent. This module is legally compliant and so protects them against possible legal difficulties.

With the module Shariff You can choose your desired Socail media buttons from a wide variety of social networks.

Furthermore, you can decide individually on the design of the social media buttons, by setting the layout of Socail media buttons and decide on the position and orientation of the buttons.


  • Legal security in social media buttons
  • Protection of privacy and the data of your customers
  • Shaping the social media buttons and their orientation
  • Select from a wide variety of social media button