ConfOrderLater - Manual Order Confirmation

The module disables the Standard sending the order confirmation after the order and allows manual sending the mail to any point in time. This goes out from both the order page, and from the order list.

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Delivery: 24 hours after purchase

€ 49,90 tax excl. excl. shipping

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  • Disables the automatic order confirmation
  • Adds the button "Bestessbestätigung send now" in the order list
  • Adds the button "Bestessbestätigung send now" in the order page
  • Adds the button "Bestessbestätigung send now" in the collection campaigns - there can be multiple mails are sent to the selected orders all at once. A summary of the action is displayed.

Benefits for Merchants

  • Complete control of order confirmations sent
  • Benefits for customers
  • Customers receive the order confirmation e-mail only when the goods are actually available.


Since the module overrides  classes/PaymentModule.php, conflicts could occur with other third-party modules, set the override to the same file.
In case of conflicts, please let us know, or read on the elimination of known conflicts in the accompanying documentation.