Knowledgebase - FAQ - always visible

The module Knowledge Base allows an easy integration of a sliding FAQ block on every page of your store with another feature to create your own lists of questions for different customer groups.

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Customers get a well-structured list of questions, including the instant search function on the top of the lightbox. They also have the ability to send issue proposals to the store owner or any other email receipient through the integrated block that slideds down from the top of the page.

The structure in the backend is very clearly structured for the merchant and provides the possibility to work with shortcuts, aply categories to any customer groups and many more.

Benefits for customers:

  • Questions can be assigned to certain categories of either individual products or all products that appear in the product description.
  • Sliding FAQ block on each side. You can look up for an answer without leaving the page you're looking at
  • Thread-sorted questions and answers
  • Instant search
  • Option to email your own question to the merchant if you couldn't find an answer

Benefits for merchants:

  • multishop functionality
  • Allow customers to make suggestions
  • Sorting of questions by category
  • Sorting of questions on specific customer groups
  • Internal links using prefabricated Shortcuts like {cms:5} to create a valid link inside your own shop structure