AdvancedCMS - Contenmaker für Landing Pages

The AdvancedCMS module provides a complete content management environment for creating and maintaining well-structured content pages.

AdvancedCMS enables you to build a well-structured CMS page using the Bootstrap technology that is part of PrestaShop and it enhances the content blocks with category and product sliders, videos, forms* and galeries**. The module basically brings the full range of Content Management System functions into the process of constructing the content. Thanks to the fully integrated drag-and-drop function, individual blocks can be easily moved from one position to another.

* The Formmaker add-on module, which can be recognized and integrated by AdvancedCMS, is necessary for the integration of forms. Ask the module manufacturer for details.

** The Gallerique add-on module, which can be recognized and integrated by AdvancedCMS, is necessary for the integration of galeries. Ask the module manufacturer for details.

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Delivery: 24 hours after purchase

€ 99,00 tax excl. excl. shipping

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Kompatibilität 1.7.x
Kompatibilität 1.6.x
Categories Marketing
Categories Front Office

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Using it as a landing page:

You can build complete web pages for your Google campaign. In this case the URL of the page (e.g. will be specified as a campaign. A number of product and category sliders, links and other elements which are built into the page will then lead visitors straight to your products.

For developers: if you create your own CSS classes you can also format individual blocks.


*if you want to incorporate forms, you will need to have an additional module called Formmaker, which is recognised by the AdvancedCMS module and can be integrated with it. Request this from the module manufacturer.

Advantages for Merchants

  • A simple and flexible way to construct a content page
  • WYSIWYG block construction in several Bootstrap columns
  • Saves a huge amount of time and provides an overview when creating multiple content pages
  • Separate, speaking URLS for each language
  • Meta-tags for each language
  • Allows sliders for products and categories to be embedded 
  • Allows Google Maps and videos from YouTube and other platforms to be embedded
  • Allows galeries to be embedded ( Gallerique module is necessary)
  • Scaling of images within a block using Bootstrap rules
  • Automatically formats the content blocks to be usable by mobile devices
  • Active/Inactive toggle for each block, so that you can hide content, rather than deleting it
  • Further design options available when you add additional CSS classes to each block
  • turn on/off right or left column for each page
  • custom CSS rules for each page for each language
  • custom CSS animations for each page
  • Sorting the created pages by subdividing into parent pages (top horizontal menu required)
  • URL syntax to suit your needs
  • Replace the landing page with an Advanced CMS page
  • import/export: save and restore  your blocks in an XML file. please remember, that only the structure is saved. if you use a gallery, or imported images, they are not saved

Advantages for Visitors

  • Clear and uncluttered pages, arranged in columns
  • On landing pages: better information because of a larger number of elements on the page, greater ability to find the actual products
  • Visual effects possible, which can increase the interest of the visitors

 Typical uses

  • Landing page with its own structure:
    • description
    • trust seal
    • categories
    • products
    • banners with further links to products
  • Landing page with its own structure:
    • video
    • description
    • contact form*
    • column of images
  • User-defined contact page:
    • address
    • Google Maps
    • contact form*
    • banner with shop motif
  • About us page
  • Various information pages with uncluttered block structure