Cart Loader – Preselected Carts for Product Collections

The module creates lists of preselected products which can be added to the cart with one click. Beneficial for many online shops, this feature supports consumers in their decision-making encouraging them to buy several products at once.

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Categories Marketing
Kompatibilität 1.6.x
Categories Front Office

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What is the difference from PrestaShop functional product bundle?

According to PrestaShop's logic, a product bundle is a fixed product itself. It is quite inflexible and does not allow for any changes to the preselected list of items. For example, you cannot alter the quantity or attributes of items, choose their combination or delete them altogether. All these options are available with CartLoader. Preselected carts are understood as suggestions. Merchants are not forced to take the bundle “as it is.” They can influence the end price by unchecking some of the items and selecting the required quantities and preferred attributes.

Examples of use

  • Fashion Collections – a complete look, where customers only need to choose their size and color
  • A ready-made lunch menu – merchants only need to choose the quantity of each plate
  • A gift basket – gift ideas for a celebration
  • A multi-tool kit for installations or home improvements
  • ...


  • CartLoader encourages buying a complete product selection
  • CartLoader helps merchants make the right choice among a great variety of products
  • CartLoader presents a product selection in an attractive way with a header image and a title, even when items don’t belong to the same category
  • CartLoader allows for running visual campaigns with banners or AdWords with a deep link to a CartLoader ID