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From 01.07.2021, all deliveries to private customers within the EU will be subject to VAT in the destination country.
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Thus, the final prices differ from country to country. Currently, the standard rate within the EU varies between 17% (Luxembourg) and 27% (Hungary).
For your Prestashop, this means that your customers will not see the correct prices until they enter a shipping address during the order process. And this leads to a clear contradiction with the price marking law. Because according to this law, customers must see a final price before the goods end up in the shopping cart. In this case, the price would still be wrong even in the shopping cart.
Now we have developed the module that solves the problem in a very simple and elegant way. The customer selects his delivery country when entering the store and all prices adjust to his choice. The selected country appears in the right corner and can be adjusted again at any time. The customer immediately sees all EU countries to which the store delivers and their tax rates.
Also shipping costs are calculated correctly immediately. Not only the tax rates, but the costs themselves.

Advantage for your customers:

  • the customer sees immediately the prices, which he must also pay
  • the shipping costs in the shopping cart are immediately calculated correctly

Advantage for you:

  • the requirements of the price marking law are fulfilled (german: Preisauszeichnungsgesetz)

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